How To Plan The Best Bourbon Street Balcony Party In Your Own Home

Posted on: 11 September 2017

Have you ever been to New Orleans, Louisiana? If so, you were probably enchanted by the beautiful shops and the historic places of interest you visited. And, if you have ever been to Mardi Gras, you probably felt like you were having an out-of-body experience! Just walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans is an education in extremes, especially during Mardi Gras. If you are planning to host a party that will be reminiscent of New Orleans, from the invitations to the decor and entertainment, here are some ideas on how to plan a great Bourbon Street party right in your own home.

The Invitations - Go a bit wild with these! 

  • Think of creating your own party invitations with a Bourbon Street theme. For example, get a picture of a scene from Bourbon Street and use it as the front of your invitation.
  • Another idea is to create a mask design to use for your invitations.
  • No matter which invitations you send, consider putting confetti in the invitation so that it will add some drama as those on your guest list open their invitations.

The Decor - Whether you are having the party inside or outside, go with a lot of color.

  • Think about having little tables like those you would find at an outdoor cafe on Bourbon Street. Wrought iron would be perfect!
  • Dim the lights and have lots of colored lights everywhere you can put them. Christmas lights would work just fine.
  • Gather as many small musical instruments as you can to use as centerpieces. For example, a saxophone surrounded by colored paper streamers would be a great centerpiece.

The Entertainment - Music, music, music!

  • Do any of your friends play musical instruments that they could bring to your party? If so, ask them way ahead of time to prepare jazz music to perform at your party.
  • Another idea is to have a sing-along with music that has a New Orleans flavor. For example, get the words and the music for songs like Every Day I Have The Blues and Hound Dog for all of you to sing together. It doesn't even matter if you don't have accompaniment for your singing.
  • Consider playing Charades with a Bourbon Street theme. For instance, Jazz Music or Mardi Gras could be the key words.

Don't forget to take lots of pictures at your Bourbon Street Balcony party. They'll be perfect for you to share with your guests. For more information, contact a business such as Mardi Gras Made Ez.