Host A Halloween-Themed Party On Your Farmland

Posted on: 18 October 2017

If Halloween is your favorite holiday and you and your spouse have discussed hosting a Halloween-themed party on your farmland this fall, put actions into gear to make this wish a reality by adding the suggestions below when preparing the social event:

Create Spooky Foods And Mystical Beverages 

Visualize some scary symbolic items that remind you of Halloween and attempt to recreate the items as forms of food. For instance, if a witch's finger comes to mind, bake sugar cookies that are finger-shaped and that have green icing spread across them. If spiders are of interest, make some meatballs and place them on a baking sheet. Cook long, wide pieces of pasta and spread them around the meatballs so that the pasta pieces represent legs coming out of the meatball bodies.

Carve a large pumpkin and lay a piece of plastic sheeting inside of the pumpkin's interior. Fill the pumpkin with bright-colored fruit punch. Rent a tent, tables, and chairs to use to create a private dining area on a portion of your farmland. After setting up tables, place candles and holders in the center of each one. While people are eating and drinking, they will be greeted with an eerie glow from the centers of the tables. During dinner, put on a Halloween costume and stand in front of your guests while telling them a scary story.

Offer A Creepy Treasure Hunt

Purchase plastic pumpkins, rubber spiders, and various other Halloween items from a novelty shop. Hide the pieces in the woods that surround your farmland or next to the barn that is on your property. Insert lighted stakes along various parts of your property so that guests will be able to see when it gets dark out.

Just as the sun begins to set, announce that you and your spouse have planned a treasure hunt. Hand each guest a list of the items that are hidden on your property. After people have attempted to find all of the treasures, count the number of pieces that each person has collected. Whoever has found the most pieces can be rewarded with a gift basket that is filled with Halloween candy or a certificate for a dinner theater or play.

Provide Your Guests With A Hayride 

If you own a tractor and flatbed, use a thick layer of hay to line the interior and bottom sides of the flatbed. Place battery-operated lights in the corners of the flatbed so that guests will be able to see each other while they are being pulled along the property. Decide for you or your spouse to dress up in a scary costume. The other person can be designated as the driver of the tractor.

Once everyone has sat down inside of the flatbed and is ready to embark on a ride, the person wearing the costume can jump out and approach the flatbed. While the tractor moves slowly along the property, the disguised person can continue to chase after the flatbed and scare everyone. 

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