3 Fun Campus Event Ideas

Posted on: 30 October 2017

Campus events can be purely for fun, or they can foster engagement between students and employees within the college community and beyond. There are many college campus event ideas that can enhance school spirit and make an impact on students or those around them.

Meet A Professional

Most college students have goals of finding their dream career. There is no better way to help students take a peek into the lives of professionals than to interact with them. Try to organize an all-day event where you invite professionals from all different walks of life that would be of interest to the students on your campus. When possible, make sure you include athletes if your school participates in sports. For medical fields, you will need professionals who encompass an array of careers, such as nurses, physical therapists, and doctors representing different specialties. Venture outside of the box to include freelancers, social media influencers, and other professionals who may represent unconventional career fields.

Instead of organizing the event as a typical lecture where the professionals talk about their career, give the professionals and students more opportunity to interact individually. Make the gathering a social event with snacks and drinks or a luncheon. You might choose to organize this activity on different days throughout the year, with each event having a theme hosted by different departments on campus. This will make it easier for students to speak with different professionals if they have a wide variety of interests. Additionally, if a student has other obligations, they still have other opportunities throughout the year to attend.

Don't Get Chopped

The hit Food Network show, Chopped, is great inspiration for an on-campus food event. Have students register for the event to see if they can become the campus cooking champion. Depending on the number of students who register, you can have simultaneous competitions including four students each. The goal is to eventually have a group of four finalists. Much like the show, the mystery ingredients should include foods that are associated with college students. This may include convenience foods, delivery items, or basic pantry staples. The winner of the contest might win a few small appliances that are allowed in the dorms or a gift certificate to the bookstore.

In addition to the competition, you might consider inviting professional chefs who specialize in different types of cuisine to perform demonstrations for the students. Ideally, they will showcase recipes that can be accomplished with inexpensive ingredients, yet are higher quality than the typical student meal. When you invite chefs from various backgrounds, students can have the opportunity to sample regional cuisine and gain inspiration for their own meals.

A Day Of Giving

Organizing a college event around acts of kindness can be both fun and rewarding. There are numerous types of organizations that may benefit from the collective efforts of a college community. For example, many people knit or crochet hats and scarves for preemies or the homeless. If you have enough motivated people who are willing to learn, you might initiate a knit- (or crochet)-a-thon. Companies may be willing to donate the necessary supplies if there are enough people interested in helping. The goal could be to always have someone knitting or crocheting a garment for a full 24 hours and see how many items are created by the college community.

Similarly, you might want students to donate items to create personal care gift bags for the homeless. A significant hurdle for people without a home is caring for their personal needs, especially women who may have a difficult time acquiring feminine care items. The campus community can work together to acquire items and spend the day making gift bags for men and women. These bags can be given to an area shelter or handed out to people directly, especially if there are certain areas within the community where homeless people often stay.

Whether the goal of campus events are to be educational, to have fun, or to make a difference in the community, all events will bring together the campus for a common good.